DGST : Discriminator Guided Scene Text detector


Scene text detection task has attracted considerable attention in computer vision because of its wide application. In recent years, many researchers have introduced methods of semantic segmentation into the task of scene text detection and achieved promising results. This paper proposes a detector framework based on the conditional generative adversarial networks to improve the segmentation effect of scene text detection, called DGST (Discriminator Guided Scene Text detector). Instead of binary text score maps generated by some existing semantic segmentation based methods, we generate a multi-scale soft text score map with more information to represent the text position more reasonably and solve the problem of text pixel adhesion in the process of text extraction. Experiments on standard datasets demonstrate that the proposed DGST brings noticeable gain and outperforms state-of-the-art methods. Specifically, it achieves an F-measure of 87% on ICDAR 2015 dataset.