Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Nimblebox?
Ans. NimbleBox is a machine provider for your machine learning, big data and deep learning projects.
Nimblebox is used by individuals, startups and large organizations.
Visit the pricing page to see subscription options.

2. What are NimbleBox credits?
Ans. NimbleBox credits are analogous to the fuel in your car (or the charge in your battery). NimbleBox credits are the fuel to your instances and get deducted based on the type of machine you’re using — by the hour. When the credits get completely depleted, your instances stop so you’re protected from surcharge!

3. What is the difference between a dedicated GPU and a spare GPU?
Ans. When you opt for a machine with a dedicated GPU, we ask our cloud providers to give you the full attention that you require and deserve. All your instances get instant priority.
A spare GPU is for when you need a laid back system where there isn’t a deadline and you require a significantly cheaper solution.

Users of NimbleBox, you can now check out our updated documentation available online!