Importing modules / libraries in Jupyter Notebook on Nimblebox

I have been using the pip install command to install required libraries which shows a success message. However, when I import those modules, it throws a “ModuleNotFound” error. Can anyone shed some light on how to get around this?

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Hello Yash :wave:,

Thanks for bringing it here.

Issue : :face_with_monocle:
“ModuleNotFound” error pops up when the required library isn’t installed.

Fix :
You can try using conda or mamba to install the libraries. The packages installed using the following method will be persistent.

Steps :
Here is the command to help you with.

Execute the commands in Terminal (from the dedicated Terminal or terminal from VSCode or Jupyter)

Make sure you have activated CUDA environment.

conda activate cuda <version>
Example :  conda activate cuda101

It is advised to use mamba to install packages

mamba install -c conda-forge <package-name>
Example : mamba install -c conda-forge gdown

Alternatively, you can use conda to install packages

 conda install -c conda-forge <package-name>
 Example : conda install -c conda-forge gdown

Replace and with the required version and package respectively.

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